Need Leads But Just Don’t Want To Spend On Ads?

I get it, sometimes the cash just isn’t there right now or you still need leads but not a large volume

Before I do get into a few things you can do, I do want to let you into a little story from a few years back

Everything was going super well when we worked out of a studio down in Southampton

I was up to around 30 clients, paying £150 each & it was all me

Being at this number, I turned the ads off as I just didn’t need any more clients

I remember that feeling of not having to see £30 a day get taken from the account by Facebook, it felt good

But what I also did, was stop trying to fill my pipeline

As I didn’t need any more clients, I just stopped marketing all together

About a week in, I had my first person leave, 2 weeks later, another notice handed in

By the month end, 5 people had handed their notice in, I thought nothing of it

2 months in, I had lost 7 in total & panic started to set in, rent had gone up in that time

I started to splash out a bit more not thinking

& then suddenly it was like all the DDs coming in each month had just stopped

That was the first & last time I decided to stop marketing my business

If your pipeline is empty today, then it’s going to cost you in the next 2 weeks!

Anyway, if you don’t want to run paid ads now…

1️⃣ The first suggestion is to get emailing, after all, you should have a huge database of email contacts you can email too

Minimum suggestion is one newsletter a week, I would 100% recommend getting 1 a day going out

& remember, unsubscribes are a good thing

2️⃣ Post on your socials each & every day, including getting a minimum of 2 stories going up 👊

Such an easy one that get’s forgotten about, or even miss used

Your network needs to be filled firstly with your target audience, don’t be adding other FitPros & random people, go add your target audience

Then get posting… share your successes, share insight that’s specific to you niche & most of all, tell the world you have spaces

Most people won’t reach out from reading your average post, but the minute you tell the world you have a space open up, get ready for the odd comment or message to come in asking for more info

Also on the share your success part, FOMO is a real thing & is a killer strategies that tour missing out on if you don’t post success stories

3️⃣ R.E.F.E.R.R.A.L.S

We never did this enough when we had the studio, but when we did, we would usually have someone mention a friend

There is a few ways you can do this & the easier you make it for the client to do, the more you will get

For us, we would ask them to put us in a chat with them, easy

Other ways is to offer a reward for referring a clients

4️⃣ Find Your Target Audience Communities

When we had Explore Football back in North Wales, our target audience was kids

They where not on Facebook, they where not online

But there is one place all kids hang out…. SCHOOLS!

We offered free coaching & PE sessions, in return we got to hand out flyers for all our school holiday camps & so on

Here is a mega untapped community for those that work in the weight loss sector: Weight Watchers & Slimming World

I could keep going with offline Lead Gen Strategies, in fact, we had a whole section on them inside The FitPro Portal —>>

Keep your pipeline full & you will never struggle to grow your fitness business

David 🙂