❓Should I use videos? Someone said they are better than images❓

This 👆 is a great question & one we get asked a lot

A question that really & unfortunately doesn’t have a simple answer

We have mentioned many times how your ads need to be scroll stopping

Literally stopping prospects from scrolling further down their timeline when they land on your advert/post, because it catches their attention

Which brings us onto, what is going to grab their attention

If video is the route you want to go down, then other things you will need to consider are…

✅ length of the video, the longer it is, the quicker you will lose them

✅ does the video require them to listen? If so, we NEED to get subtitles for those who are not in a position to have the sound on

✅ does the video reflect what it is you do or are you talking/showing them things that have nothing to do with what they get

✅ finally, is the video interesting for them to keep watching & take action

All of this, will play a big part in the decision of do you go image or video

Others will be based on your target audience, including how much time they spend just scrolling & how often they even log-in

After all, as they say… A picture ‘CAN’ paint a thousand words 😏

Okay… this might sound like we are a little more biased towards images 🤣

But the biggest reason for saying what I did at the start, that we don’t have a simple answer is because…

What you post in 1 location, may get a very different response to what you post in just 5 miles down the road

Seriously, we see HUGE differences in cities across the UK & around the world, when we run ads for our clients

That is why, we must ALWAYS be split testing & checking in on the ads a few times a week to ensure we can keep the cost down 💪

What have you seen work for you?

DK 🤓