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𝐈 𝐒𝐨π₯𝐝 𝐌𝐲 𝐆𝐲𝐦 😒

Right then… the time has come to let the world know

This has not been easy to write, never mind action

But just over a month ago, we completed the sale of FitHub30

That’s right… I am no longer a gym owner or a FitPro!

I remember back in 2015, I was watching a live stream on Periscope

A Fitness Business Growth mentor was showing us around his clients studio

I was hooked! I wanted my own studio πŸ’ͺ

Back then, I had no idea what it would even take to open & run a fitness studio 🀣

& if you know my story, you will know the many ups, downs & slices of luck I have had along the way

Over the years, I have met some Amazing people & to be honest, I can remember you all πŸ™Œ

βœ… Shirley, my first ever client back in North Wales

βœ… Lianne, my first ever client in Southampton

βœ… Marney, our first ever client in our studio in Cardiff

Plus we have some epic people who have helped, support & motivate us, never mid get fantastic results

I could be here all day naming them all, including Marie, Sophie, Russ, Ian, Mike & many 100s more

So the questions comes down to why we sold?

The answer came down to priorities

The gym had been ticking over for almost 2 years without my input, the key word here being ticking

During that time, FitPro Lead Gen & LeadDec have both grown & grown & grown to the point now, we have over 11 full time staff & closing in on a million in sales

Did I plan to sell the gym? Nope!

Should I have sold it much sooner? Possibly!

So when an offer came in, it did take me a while to decided, many emotions, many difficult conversations

After all, over 120 clients came to the studio each week, with 3 full time staff

Then after having a few key conversations with Holly Mcparland & Pete Taylor, we made the decision to sell

& the FitPro chapter of my life came to a close…

What I have found absolutely amazing is how much splitting myself in 3 was slowing everything down

At the time, I just did it all, as that is all I knew

In my mind, I am thinking I run 3 succesful business & am also like Iron Man who can take on the world

But in fact, I was holding all 3 back

FitHub30 & LeadDec had ground to a holt, neither really moving forward

Plus FitPro Lead Gen had started to develop a few internal issues

With the sale now gone through & the pressure off from trying to run a 3rd business

Things suddenly looks clear, smoother & it feels like the anchors have finally been lifted

All I have ever wanted was to make people smile & enjoy life, it’s why it all started in the first place

But sometimes, you need to do what it right for you.

I know have a rockstar team at the office

We won Lead Generation Business of The Year 2022 last month

Some big partnerships are being forged

& the uphill battle has now gone

Will I ever open a studio again? Possibly, but right now, we have plans πŸ‘Š

Never let anyone get in your way

You got this πŸ’ͺ

David πŸ™‚