🗣️ 30k IG Reach… No Ads 🤩

Yesterday I gave you 4 solid tips on boosting your lead gen from social media

After all, who wants to pay for ads right 😆


The last few weeks inside the FitPro Incubator, we have been chatting all things VAs, I’ll share more in some success stories from that tomorrow

Today, this message landed in our Discord group 👇

✅ full with 1-1 online clients

✅ launching group online

✅ being herself on social media while being specific to her audience

And of course, all this turning into over 30k IG reach right now 🤩

Plus, right at the bottom, she has a solid reason why she needed to make this work 💪

If you didn’t check out those tips from yesterday, go here —>> https://www.facebook.com/share/p/aEGimeZrna2ipS9K/

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If you just want us to do all your ads for you, go here —>> https://go.fitproleadgen.com/chatwithus-e

We also moved into the house today, will share more about this on Sunday

You got this 💪

David 🙂