🗣️ I Cancelled Wufoo & Aweber, Saving Me £500 A Year

Having a tech degree should be part of a PT requirement, right?

The days of using pen & paper are pretty much over

These days, not only do you need to be a social media whiz

But your tech game needs to be at a really high standard, after all…

The admin, the systems, the funnel & automations you need to create

Just to attract & sell clients

Never mind the booking software, nutrition software & so much more to keep clients

It’s why many studios, gyms & bootcamp owners are switching to LeadDec

Take the client below

He would have had ClickFunnels, Wufoo, Aweber, Calendly just to name a few softwares

Each one with a separate fee

Then to connect them all together, he would have also needed Zapier, just to connect them all together 😬

Which is why, when we still had the gym & I had the opportunity to set up LeadDec, it was a no-brainer

🤩 No more having a million tabs open

🤩 No more having to spend a fortune on loads of different software

Just having everything all in one place, that works together beautifully

With 24/7 live chat support, business hours Zoom support, dedicated FB support group & weekly Q&A catch-up calls

Plus, we even give you all the ads copy, social media, email newsletters, referral & reactivation text messages, just to name a few 😅

Like the client said… IT MAKES SENSE TOO!

Learn more about & start your 14-day FREE trial of LeadDec here —>> https://leaddec.com/

You got this 💪

David 🙂