🗣️ Over 100 Monthly Members & 13k Revenue Last Month

This is what we love to see & hear in the office

Clients literally bursting with happiness to jump on their monthly marketing ads call

Here is a Fathom transcript from that call

✅ Over 100 MONTHLY members, that’s monthly recurring paying members

✅ Best month to date, £13k revenue

✅ A game-changer for any fitness business, having an ‘A’ player salesperson

Plus ambitious plans in the making 🤩

All ads management clients get a monthly report & marketing plans for the month ahead

Taking the worry of what to do off their hands, as we literally do it all for them

We create the ads copy SPECIFIC to your fitness business, not copy & paste 🤩

We even build the funnels, install the landing pages & help sort your automations

So you can focus on the things you love doing best 💪

Ready to get to a 13k month & keep growing? Then let’s chat —>> https://go.fitproleadgen.com/chatwithus-e

You got this 💪

David 🙂