🗣 £12k this month, which is doubled from last year

Imagine doubling your business in a year & being confident that it’s only going to keep going up

This is the work of an outdoor bootcamp owner 💪

There are so many small & big things we’ve worked on, but today, I wanted to break a few things down that we’ve been working on 👇

1️⃣ Saying Goodbye To Clients 👋

Yep, you read that right…

We all have clients who we work with that are paying founder prices

Prices we told them would never go up 😬

The decision was made to have to increase their prices, going up £2.50pw & giving them a 30-day notice

The main reason for that being VAT 👊

2️⃣ Saying Goodbye To Staff 👋

Another big one that has led to an increase in client retention

How many of us have staff that are, in the nicest way, SHIT!

And we have just put up with them, knowing all along they should have been chopped long ago

While this process was happening, all-new KPIs, job sheets, & staff expectation contracts were drawn up

Ensuring all new staff only knew the new way 👊

3️⃣ Clear Personal Goals!

This might have been the catalyst to everything

We have all been through times of just gliding in business, right?

Not really paying attention too much to what is going on?

Not really having solid personal goals of where you want to get to?

Watching the days & weeks drift by & wonder where the time has gone 🤷‍♂

Once we had a deep chat on where he wanted to get to, why he wanted to do it, & deadlines in place

The urge, determination, & passion came flooding back 💪

And of course, he is an Ads Management Client & has been on the Incubator coaching programme since the start 😎

Above are 3 killer things that have slowed me down in the past & potentially slowing you down right now

You know what you need to do 👊

You got this 💪

David 🙂

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