21 Leads = 15 Sales @ £50 Each 🤩

Getting your pricing right makes the difference between struggling to sell & running out of spaces to sell

After all, selling is really just showing so much value that the price is irrelevant 💪

And from the screenshots you can see this particular ads management client will soon be running out of spaces to sell 😆

Now, please don’t think that you now need to drop the price for your 4 week Kickstart to £50

This client has a reason, a sales structure to make this work for him

Let me break it down…

All-Access 4 Week Kickstart is £50

After the 4 weeks, they can then move onto either the

– Basic, 2 sessions a week with no Nutrition Support @ £50pm
– All-Access, 4 Sessions a week with Nutrition Support @ £97pm

Meaning they get an introductory taste of All-Access for their first month, then if they want to carry on with that service, then it goes to up to the normal price of £97

Yes, it could sound like a bit of a gamble, but this client has been doing it for sometime now & you can see that he is converting over 70% off all the leads he has coming in 💪

Business really is just a game, learn to play & things will really start to move

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David 🙂