3 Oldschool Sales Techniques To Boost Retention 🤫

Keeping clients for the long term is the goal, right?

No one leaving means less pressure on generating leads & making sales

Yet, time & time again, we trip ourselves up with clever techniques that sound great on the outside but struggle to really generate a return

So let’s dive into 3 killer oldschool sales techniques to boost retention

1️⃣ Put In A Cancellation Period 📝

Sounds super basic, but having a strict 30-day cancellation period easily keeps clients longer than having no cancellation period

By simply having this period, you now force clients to not make rash decisions

Plus, giving you a period now to try & get them back on track

2️⃣ Do NOT Over Promise 🤨

Such a client retention killer that a lot of us have fallen into

Overpromising during a consultation

Whether that be the end result or the deliverables

Overpromising & then underdelivering can quickly cause the client to lose trust & hand in their notice

3️⃣ Having To Re-Sell, Over & Over Again 😢

There are so many aspects to this one, but to keep it short

Make it clear to clients that they move automatically onto a long-term membership after the front-end offer finishes

Plus, make the recurring payment set-up super simple, using something like Stripe where their money comes out automatically

& you don’t have to keep chasing, re-selling & struggling to get them to commit 👊

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You got this 💪

David 🙂