31 things, I wish I knew when I was 16…

First of all, I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone that wished me a Happy Birthday yesterday

I would love to tell you, it was a great day going out and hanging out with family & friends

But here in Wales, we are still in lockdown 🤣

There is always next year right??

Anyway, since leaving school at the age of 16, a lot has happened

So if I could go back in time and myself a list of things I have learnt over the years, this would be it…

1. Take responsibility for your actions

2. You can live without money

3. Money can open doors

4. Everton will always let you down

5. Help is only a message away

6. People are always happy to help

7. Don’t take people for granted

8. Always say goodbye when leaving

9. End each day with no queries

10. Each day is a fresh start

11. Work hard, you never know who is watching

12. Hard work will pay off

13. Manners will get you places

14. Don’t be scared to introduce yourself

15. It’s okay to say no

16. Never end a conversation on bad terms, you never know when you will need them again

17. The sound of the alarm clock never gets easier

18. Take a deep breath before starting an important conversation

19. Going first isn’t always a positive thing

20. Listen to your body

21. Covid 19 if a F-ck-r

22. You will love a cup of tea

23. Get a MacBook Pro ASAP

24. Don’t get an iMac

25. Believe in yourself

26. Build a team quicker

27. Teach Holly to cook sooner

28. Unfortunately, Liverpool win the league

29. Read more books

30. Charge what you’re worth

31. You will meet some AMAZING people

Actually, scrap all that…

Life turns out exactly how you want it to be

It’s been a pleasure spending time and meeting with you all ❤️

To another 31 years 🙌