£500 for 6 weeks – 7 SALES ALREADY 😱

Pricing has always been a tough nut to crack

👇 Do you have a race to the bottom & focus on quantity

☝️ Maybe you price high & focus on a few

Or you hover in the middle of both

Now there is no perfect pricing structure

🧪 There is no exact science to getting the pricing right

All we need to do is ensure all bills are covered each month 📆

From experience most fitness business owners just copy each others pricing

They see someone else running something similar & just copy their pricing

Or if it’s a race to the bottom, then they just undercut their competition & the race begins

But from time to time, we do see some unique pricing methods & reasonings behind it 🙌

Take this client who is now going to be charging £497 for 6 week 😱

& they have already made 7 sales this month so far & it’s only the 9th of May!

What makes it even more unique is they only spend £30 a day on Facebook Ads, the rest of the leads & sales comes from organic (Website, Emails, Referrals)

We have another ads client who sells a £47 ebook, then sells them onto a £2.5k 12 week programme from there

On the flip side, we also have a £50pm unlimited access bootcamp business too

At FitHub30, we changed our pricing a few times

When we started, we charged £677 for 12 weeks, then £997, then £1277

Each jump came with confidence

Then we killed ourselves when we first moved to Cardiff

I knew we where going to be doing larger groups & I did the most typical thing possible & seen someone else’s pricing plan who did the same & copied them 👎

We started at £50 a month (BIG MISTAKE)

By the end when we sold the business, we where up to £117 a month

Because we finally started to understand pricing & numbers

What’s been your craziest pricing bit of advice you have received?

David 🙂

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