6th March Videos

This week is going to be the first of a weekly list of the latest YouTube trainings, videos & podcasts we are going to be releasing on the FitPro Lead Gen & LeadDec YouTube channels

We have also been working hard on getting the office ready to make the quality of the videos much better along with the video editing, so I hope those that have watched our videos over the year can notice a real big improvement

To start, lets head over to the FitPro Lead Gen channel where we are first going to take a look at Facebook LeadAds & how to improve your Lead Quality

Facebook is by far the quickest, easiest & cheapest way to generate leads for your fitness business with paid advertising, in this training we are going to look at running Facebook Ads using Facebook LeadForms & then how we can improve the quality of the leads that we generate from the LeadForms

Next on the FitPro Lead Gen channel we have this weeks guest interview with Corey Hiben who comes on to talk all about creating content to generate leads

Corey also goes into great details on the do’s & donut’s of marketing and the importance of storytelling

Next, let’s head over to the LeadDec & first look at how you can increase your booking consultations show up rate for your fitness business.

After all, there is nothing worse than when you travel down to your studio for a consultation & the prospect is a no-show. The more consults we can get showing up, the more sales we are going to be making

Finally for this week, we have Why You Need an Ebook Funnel as part of your lead gen strategy + I go into details on setting it all up, including the automations you need to get this actioned

After all, not every person who sees your content is going to want to buy right away, this is why having different types of lead gen content, like this ebook funnel, will pull people into different stages of the buyers journey