Are Sales Calls Costing You Money?

It might sound crazy to say but…

There could be a chance that YOU doing the sales calls is actually costing you sales 😬

To ensure we are growing & moving forward with our fitness business

We need to make sales, right?

Keeping clients makes the demand for making new sales a lot easier

But at the end of the day, if you want to keep growing, then we need to keep making sales

And this is where we can hit a serious brick wall, especially, and this might be hard to hear

If you are TERRIBLE at conducting sales sessions

And even more so, if you do not enjoy doing them

In fact, if you don’t enjoy them or are terrible at doing them, then you’re actually doing a disservice to the prospect you are speaking with

You’re stopping them from achieving amazing results with you & you’re stunting the growth of your own business

Plus, yeah, it gets worse…

If you do not enjoy doing these sales sessions, then you are going to dread doing them, which is going to have a knock-on effect on everything else you have going on

So what’s the answer? You outsource/hire fast!

The growth of your business relies on it

For me, back when I got started, I had one of my clients volunteer to chase down the leads & book them in with me

I didn’t mind doing the face-to-face sales sessions, but I hated chasing the leads

In the incubator, we have a number of clients now, who have a similar set-up, but…

They have unique ways of incentivizing the salespeople

For example, we have one client who had a part-time salesperson

Paying her £15 per hour, working 20 hours a week

Then for each of the first 5 sales she makes in a month, she earns £15 per sale

That then grows to £15 per sale from 6-10, then 11+ plus is £20 a sale

The salesperson simply needs to follow the script & chase down the leads 💪

If you’re not great or dread running sales sessions, then get out FAST & find someone to do them for you

You got this 💪

David 🙂