Audience for online – worldwide or local?

Got asked a question earlier on what type of audience you should run for an online programme

Here’s what I had to say…


Great question [person who asked] 🙌

Selling anything comes down to Know, Like & Trust “KLT”

Which means connecting to your audience is key

The longer it takes, the less 💷 you will make, therefore staying local to begin has its advantages

When you run Ads, you can call out to that specific area

When you run Ads, you can use local well known images

You can even meet up with your prospect & clients if needed to, to boost the KLT

Going worldwide therefore makes it a little more challenging to build up enough KLT quick if you need to make 💷

If you are in no-rush and happy to build KLT over a longer period, then I would suggest…

– running broad Ads to a download guide and filter these people into a FREE group and onto your email list (providing daily content to the 2 places) then at end of each month around payday, tell them you are opening up spaces for just 10 people to join

– then using a 5 Day Challenge, run Ads retargeting those people who downloads the guide to join the challenge

– finally, retarget those who did the 5 day with ads to join your programme


Finally lol…

I would 100% do these 3 things locally to an audience of say 20km, using the local factor to boost KLT, push for local referrals to

While also slowly increasing your audience size each month 💪

Hope this helps 🤓

David 🙂