Bootcamp Owners First £11k Month 🤩

Run a bootcamp, actually…

Run any sort of group training programme, then here are a few insights from an Ads & Incubator Coaching client

1: Pricing 💰

It will be almost impossible to hit £11k months charging £5 a session

Get clients on monthly DD ASAP, charging a minimum of £50+ per month too

£50 x 200 clients is your 10k, and that is a LOT of clients

So be sure to charge according to your business model

Likewise, with pricing, we need to have a suitable front-end offer

This is the offer to get clients in

Make sure you price this more than a regular membership to ensure we make money on this front-end

Especially if you spend on ads, have welcome packs, need to service the clients & more on that front end

2: Consistent Lead Gen 😎

Of course, we run the META ads for this client, giving him consistent leads

But at the same time, the client is also posting engaging content on social media

Has a weekly newsletter

Pushes for referrals & reaches out to reactivate old clients

Plus has long-term automation in place to keep chasing the leads down

If your pool of leads runs dry, then you will be in trouble 👊

3: Motivated Sales Team 🔥

Chasing & selling to the prospects coming in will always be the hardest part of running a fitness business

This is why we need a dedicated sales team, who are eager to chase, chase & chase

Plus are determined to make those sales

In this case, the client offers a decent commission for each sale

Which quickly motivates the sales team, when the sales start coming in

4: Actually Want To Keep Clients 👊

Making sales is fun

But keeping clients will make your life, way, way easier

This client now has a bi-weekly traffic light system check-in from LeadDec

Is partnering with local businesses to offer clients discounts

Plus runs several events outside of sessions to really build that community 💪

Ready to build your full 7-step systems to add an extra 3-4k to your fitness business in the next 90 days? Then check out the FitPro Incubator

You got this 💪

David 🙂