Call Until They Tell You To F🤬🤬k Off!

People often think that if they phone, text and email a lead that they are pestering them. And that as a result they will just never answer you and therefore they will never convert into a sale. 

Well guess what? You would get the exact same outcome if you never chase these leads. 

If you do nothing at all, they are never going to buy from you. Whereas if you do chase these leads down, the worst possible outcome is that they are not going to buy from you and the best outcome is that they do respond to you and become a new client to your Fitness Business. 

So please, if you get somebodies phone number, do not just wait and hope they contact you first, phone these people up. Whether you decide to phone them every day for the next 5 days, text them, WhatsApp them, instagram message them, just make sure you are chasing them. 

You need to get passed the fear of feeling like you are pestering someone, because if you are not chasing these leads, then your competitor is. And whilst you are sat there waiting for them to reach out to you, the gym from down the road has just called them and signed them up to their gym.