Deal With The Hand You Have Been Given…

It’s been a fun week 13 of 2024, with a lot as usual happening

The biggest being the kitchen completely taken out, issue after issue arising as they get it ready for the new one to go in & the budget, of course, increasing 😥

It’s also meant we have no kitchen and won’t have one for at least two more weeks

So the makeshift kitchen on the new dining table will have to do 😆

Who knew you could cook so many things in an air fryer 🤷‍♂️

Remember the post about stealth camping the other week, well, we are now officially a step closer

We went camping Friday night, Hank was a little unsure about sleeping in a tent to begin with, but got used to it in the end

On the downside, my air mat was more of a flat mat 😆 It just didn’t stay up, so I need to get this sent back to Amazon

& this is why I went with the title: Deal With The Hand You Have Been Given…

Life doesn’t always give you the perfect hand, sometimes everything is smooth sailing, then all of a sudden 🫣

Don’t hate, stress, or get frustrated, deal with it, move on & make the best of the situation 👊

Office-wise, we have been working hard on getting a brand new offering together 😏

One of the biggest struggles we have in the business is clients not making sales

If they don’t make sales, then they leave, so we are working on a few things to make their lives easier 💪

The new office is… well… um 🤷‍♂️

In the solicitors’ hands & we all know how slow they are, hopefully, all the reports come back this week & we can put a move-in date in the diary

This week has been a big week for getting the Summer Summit all organized & ready to welcome all the clients on the day

Yes, we are like 10 weeks out, but there is so much that goes into organizing an 8-hour event 🤓

For example, this week, we had the payment pages all done, automations on orders done, invite cards ordered to send out to clients, dates organized to do some pre-event filming, confirmation of the event partners & a few other bits

Also, how is 2024 flying by so fast?

It’s monthly kick-off 4 on Tuesday in the office, this month, we have Domino’s coming in instead of going out

Finally, I am on a mission to make us the go-to for marketing advice & support when it comes to your fitness business

I’m fed up with speaking with FitPro after FitPros who’ve spent £000s with coaches, agencies & courses, to get terrible content, service & results in exchange

Deal With The Hand You Have Been Given, & Do It With A Smile On Your Face 😎

You Got This 💪

David 🙂