Gym Update #2: Change Can Be Scary

Gym Update #2: Change Can Be Scary

This week was the very first week of our new onboarding process & the first time for the team to run a group welcoming session

Like anything new being unveiled, things can be daunting, especially if it’s not something you have done before

& this is the first real hurdle I am personally going to need to work on

Having run both businesses now for several years, not much can faze me. A new idea comes up, I will try it… something needs to be done, I will do it

What I need to remember is that not everyone has had past experiences & are mentally prepared for the situations put in front of them

Therefore making the big switch from doing 1-1 sales consultations, to now doing over the phone sales consultation & group onboarding sessions, is going to have different stresses on different people

And being super honest, the team did really well looking back on it. Yes, there was a LOT of pre nerve feelings before the group onboarding, but once they found their feet & started talking, you could see the confidence start to build 💪

Now having done the first 2 onboarding sessions this week, I can see a few things we need to work on ready for the next set in 3 weeks time

First one is definitely going to be slowing down the presentation, to allow the prospects/new clients to take it all in & ask more questions

Second is looking at pushing their needs, desires, fears & goals more during the sessions as there could be a number who turn up that haven’t paid or only paid a deposit. This will in-turn allow them to realise that this is the place for them

Thirdly, we need to add in more of our success stories

Final one is to confirm that they are coached sessions, as we had a few on Thursday night ask about the sessions

Okay, so the numbers for this first course…

On the Thursday night, we had 8 people booked in, 4 paid in full (PIF), 2 paid £20 deposit, 2 unpaid. One of the unpaid text to cancel a few hours before as she thought it was free, the rest all paid. Making it 7 paid members from the Thursday.

On Saturday, we had 4 bookings, none had paid, we had 2 turn up, 1 cancel & 1 no-show. Leading to 2 paying from Saturday.

We actually have 2 more who we have spoken to, who are going to come in on Monday to have a chat & sign up. For those, we have told them they need to join on Monday or will have to wait for the next challenge.

If we have the 2 on Monday sign up too, that will take us to 11 signs up, which isn’t too bad. 20 will always be the aim, so that is what we aim to hit next time.

In a last ditch effort too last week, we looked at getting back in contact with a number of old leads & posted in a few local groups.

Going back to working with staff more on personal experiences, we rushed handing out some corporate flyers this week, without any real training or delivery systems that didn’t lead to a great experience. This is something we are going to need to work on with the new SOPs set-up.

The introduction of Basecamp has also made a big difference to staff focus & task management. Last week we mentioned that we lacked drive & focus, this week, there is a big change in everyone’s attitude.

Looking at new features & additions we can add in, getting tasks ticked off, setting up some new processes too. Including getting all the CV machines booked in for a maintenance, ordering & updating flyers, client workout books, referral posters & more.

The final part of todays update is looking into the new SOPs system we are setting up. A super easy Knowledge Base that covers all aspects of how the business works. We have built this on WordPress, creating a separate subdomain & then individually login details for each staff members.

To start with the new SOPs system, we had added in what happens when a new 6 week challenge starts including:

✅ confirming the next start date
✅ letting the marketing team know
✅ updating the landing pages & follow up text/emails on LeadDec with the new date
✅ creating events for the new dates on the Facebook page & Facebook group

This week we are going to be finishing off the SOPs for the full 6 week challenge from marketing to fulfilment, plus working with staff on a number of new projects that we talked about this last week

As usual, any questions, just reach out

You got this 💪

David 🙂