How To Generate Leads from Social Media 😬

Right, this could get super long, so I will try & keep it as short as possible 😆

The reason for bringing this up is simple, I’ve had a lot of people ask about it in the last week or so on calls

Asking why they literally get absolutely ZERO from posting on social media

Plus asking why they are hearing others are killing it

So let’s dive right in…

1️⃣ Your Content Will Never, Ever Get Boring!

What I mean by this is simple, FB right now only shows your FB Page post to about 4% of your total followers

Got 100 followers, then only 4 people will see that post

They are not going to get bored of seeing your stuff, for the simple reason, they won’t see it enough

2️⃣ You Have Like 3 Seconds

Moving directly on from that first point is ensuring that when people do see your content, they actually get it!

I usually say, if your content hurts the eyes or brain, then it’s too much 😬

A graphic literally filled with text, in super difficult colors is the perfect example

3️⃣ No Idea Who You Work With

Directly related to the last point, I need to know from just that 3 second glance that…


If you work with beer belly, over 40s men, then that needs to show instantly in your content

Likewise, if you work with nervous ladies, who are scared of the gym, don’t be showing super intense workouts

I need to know that you work with me, I understand that you understand me & that I know you are the go-to person

4️⃣ The FOMO Is Unreal 🤩

When someone sees your post this week, then the following, then the week after again

We need the FOMO feeling building inside them

We need them to be feeling like… OMG, this is the place for me

& the best way to do that, is by sharing all your success stories, ALL OF THE TIME 👊

From before & afters, to screenshot messages, to videos

We want the success coming out of your business to be everywhere, making it a no-brainer for your audience to reach out & want to work with you 😍

5️⃣ It’s Got To Be Funny 🤣

MEMEs are your best friends when it comes to social media

Want a post to go viral, share a MEME

These will be by far the best way to boost your reach for each post

But… it needs to be specific to your audience

Don’t be posting a MEME about something that doesn’t relate or confuses the audience

The reason they work so well is simply down to it being specific to them & funny at the same time

At least once a week, share one of these posts


I could keep going, but that should be enough to get things moving on your social channels

You got this 💪

David 🙂