How to make friends (sales) in 3 simple steps 💪 

How to make Friends 😀

I know you’re probably thinking what on earth has this got to do with my business? 😳

Well let me explain how… So I have been on my summer holiday in Turkey for the past week now. It is an all-inclusive resort meaning there has been no need for us to leave our resort. 

The first night we sat there, we just enjoyed ourselves. We sat and looked at the sea and just kind of relaxed. And then our mission was to make some friends. Let’s get to know a few people while we’re here. 

What is have discovered is making friends and making sales require the same elements. For example: 

  1. Being approachable – When somebody is coming towards you, or when you are going to coach somebody, you must be open and inviting. Which is the same for your sales process, if people feel like they can approach you, you are more likely to make a sale. 
  2. Having a common ground – When you make a new friend, you also have to find things you have in common. Whilst being on holiday, I have met someone who is from Liverpool and supports Everton in Football. This made it easier for us to continue the communication throughout our holiday and form a bond. Which is the same when it comes to sales. It is much easier to make a sale when you build that rapport with a potential customer.
  3. Enjoy awkward silence – Sometimes you are both left with not much else to say. You have to let the silence do it’s part in helping encourage the sale or friendship. 

So hope those three elements are going to help me make more friends. Also, more sales💰