How To Optimise Your Facebook Ads Copy

How to lay out your Facebook Ads Copy to get the best results 📈

Start by calling out to your audience right away in order to grab their attention & stop them scrolling.

How do you call out to your audience?
We do this by hitting them with specific characteristics that they can relate to so they know this is for them. For example, for my studio I would write ‘Busy over 30s in Cardiff’. Here we are calling out 3 of their characteristics:
1️⃣They are based in Cardiff
2️⃣They are over 30
3️⃣They are busy

Then you move onto the second part of the headline where you target them again. For example, ‘we’re looking for busy over 30’s in and around Cardiff who are looking to change the way they look and feel in just 6 weeks’.

By putting 6 weeks in there, we are putting a timeframe on when people can start to see results. We are giving them something to work towards without it being a long term commitment and also without it being a great cost.

So there you have it, a quick and easy Headline to your Facebook Ads Copy.

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