I have been following you for a while…

How many times have you had a message like this??

You will be massively surprised by how many silent fans you actually have

Prospects who have been reading, watching & following everything you do


Never liking, commenting or reaching out


You say something that hits home

Now when that message/post/status goes up that actually reaches & stops them in their tracks

Please, please, please tell me you have already been laying that groups work

You see there is NO magic length of time before a prospect reaches out


You do need to have done 2 things in order for them to reach out

1: Build Know, Like & Trust (KLT)

Share what goes on in your life, the success you’re getting with clients, share your knowledge & show behind the scene

They need to know, like & trust you

2: Talk About Their Wants, Needs & Desires

This is all about making them think that you know exactly what is going on in their heads

Get these 2 things into your daily social media

& you will 100% get more:

🗣I have been following you for a while…

Messages 🙌

You got this 💪

David 🙂