Introducing Our Brand New Ads Management Service: Elevate

Just need consistent & predictable leads that you can chase down & sell?

But yet to have found a way to make it happen?

🤷‍♂️ Maybe you’ve tried running ads before & seen little to no success
🤷‍♂️ Maybe you’ve had success, but then it’s like it fell off the side of a cliff
🤷‍♂️ Or maybe you just have no idea how it all works, but really need those consistent leads

Then you are going to love our Elevate Ads Management service 🙌

🗣️ But Dave, how is this different from what you already do?

Great question 👆

Our “Done for You” ads management service is a game-changer for those who just don’t want to be running their own ads

Where we literally take care of everything, so all you need to do is chase down the leads 🙌

As with any “Done for You” service, it comes at a price

This is where Elevate comes into play 🤓

The Elevate Ads Management service is what we are calling: “Done with You”

✅ We set up your first campaign
✅ We create all the content (Ads Copy & Creatives) specific to your business
✅ We give you your monthly marketing campaign designed for your business
✅ We give you your monthly Ads Performance reviews
✅ We still have quarterly marketing recap & planning calls

Plus all the other great features our “Done for You” ads management clients get

So what is the biggest difference…

The Elevate Service is a “Done with You” service, which means once we have set up & turned on your first campaign

It’s then over to you to update, optimise, change & monitor your ads with our support

+ Each month, we add a brand new campaign into your ads account

To ensure you are getting the best possible results 💪


To launch this offer, we have a super special offer for just 10 FitPros while we fine-tune everything

If you’re in, you’ll get your first 3 months at 50% off as a Thank You for joining the brand new service

Reach out if this is for you & let’s make an empty lead inbox a thing of the past

David 🙂