Is A Poster On Your Bedroom Wall A Little Childish??

Here is a questions for you…

As children, we would have posters on the bedroom wall

Posters of your favourite footballers, of cars & of your favourite super heroes

As you got older, it changed to girls/guys & training heroes or places you want to visit

Yet, as we get older, would it be a bit strange to have a poster on your your bedroom wall??

A poster of your icons, your desires and goals??

Here is why I am asking this…

Your vision, your mind, your goals

Are all things you want to achieve

We all get told to think about them, to dream about them

To consider what our life would be like when we get there

We even get told to create vision boards

For the simple reason

The more you see something, the more you visualise yourself of getting to that place

You are half way their right

All you need to do, like usual…


So imagine waking up each morning and the first thing you see when you open your eyes

If your vision, your desire

That should be enough to pull you out of bed on the coldest winter morning to get you motivated right? 💪

So Is A Poster On Your Bedroom Wall A Little Childish??

And what would be your poster?

David 🙂