It all made sense when you think about it…

When I think back to when we ran Explore Football

Which was a football coaching business for kids 18 months to 6 years

I pull my hair out think what it could have been

Having just left a desk job to follow the dream of running my own business

I picked something I knew, something I had experience in and something I loved

I knew that handing flyers out at school was the best way to get the kids in

But it didn’t cross my mind to why…

You see sometimes when we do something that is working well

We just don’t question why it works

We just keep going because IT WORKS

But here is the thing…

If you analyse and break it down

You will find the reason it works so well

And then use that to your advantage

Take the handing the leaflets out at school

The reason this worked so well was down to this being where the target audience hung out

By understanding your target audience and knowing the key areas that bring them into to you

Then you’re onto a winner

This is why next week during the FREE ‘5 Day Build Your Lead Gen Eco-System’ challenge

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David 🙂