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It’s Just A Matter of How 💪

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While over in Ibiza last week, we hired a tour guide & these super cool Buggies

Now the benefit of having a tour guide was that we got to see some incredible beaches & sights we just wouldn’t have known about

When he brought us to this beach & in particular the hut

The sea in Ibiza changes dramatically for the time of year he explained

At the start of each summer, they bring all the bits down & solar panels, to build the hut 🛖

Then when the winter arrives & the waves are huge 🌊

They take it all down & store it until the following year 😱

What a task to be built & dismantled 🔨

& with the number of people on the beach each day it makes business sense to do it

Making it really just a case of finding a way to get it done 💪

Most things are possible… it really is just a case of how 🤓

You got this 💪

David 🙂

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