It’s taken me 5 days to kick my doubt away 🦵

The legend that is Josh Mullin owner of the group UK PTs has asked me to create a training for the group

Now there is 15k FitPros in the group and some big players too

And this has been holding me back from getting the work done 🤯

That little question of doubt that someone may shout out and tell me that I don’t know what I am doing

We have all had doubts in the back of our head from time to time

Yet, daily I post onto the YouTube channel that gets around 15,000 views a month

And have interviewed some massive names in the industry

Yet, these type of things still from time to time pop into my heads and stop me from pushing on

So I have today pulled myself out of the house which I haven’t left (just for the daily jog) for the last 5 days to get down to the office and get it done 💪