It’s YOU They Buy From πŸ€“

I was having a great chat with Ash & Shane the other day about creating content & courses

Then after you spend your hard hours creating it, you learn that someone else has copied it & tried to pass it as their own

It could be your ads copy, your emails, your website or many other things that you post out there

I have had it several times, I had a guy in North Wales who copied the old Explore Football website, literally word for word 🀯

We have had people copy the DKnine Fitness ads, again word-for-word, including our name in the ads 😬

Ash & Shane also mentioned times that people have just copied their own content

But here is the thing…

Someone copying you isn’t the worst thing in the world

Someone copying you isn’t going to end your business

Someone copying you should be considered as a way that you are doing well

Your clients buy from you… because of YOU!

Remember that βœ…

Your ads, emails, website, social media & everything else you put out there had one job β€”>> to bring leads into your fitness business

It’s YOU they buy from, it’s YOU they stay for, it’s YOU they want to support

You got this πŸ’ͺ