Just Like The Cleanup Crew, You Pick An Area…

Sat at the top of the Ferris wheel, you could see the whole set up of the festival

Fields and fields of people loving life

Dancing, singing & partying

Then you had family’s having a great weekend together

But one thing you couldn’t help but notice was the cleanup operation

It must be HUGE!!

Each morning, they must have a team of staff come in and get to work ready for the next day of acts

But where do they start when the task is so huge?

You already know this struggle right?

Take your fitness business, you got your…

– Lead gen

– Sales

– Coaching

– Client retention

– Business development

– Staff management

And much more

Now just like the cleanup crew for the festival

The task of getting all this done in your fitness business is HUGE

To the point, at times it can feel paralysing

So where do you start getting to work?

What is the best route to getting it done & not crumble under the mountain of the task?

Ready for a big miracle answer….

Just like the cleanup crew, you pick an area

And then just get to work, chipping away until you start seeing the task get smaller & smaller

The more you chip away, the more you will gain momentum, the closer you will get to completion 💪

And the only person stopping you… is YOU!

Now then, if you would rather a more clear plan to getting all this ticked off to give you that Fitness Business you desire

Then you should 100% check out our 12 week Fitness Business Eco System coaching programme 🙌

Reach out & I will send over full details

You got this 💪

David 🙂