Lets Talk About Speed ⏱

I want to talk about the importance of speed, especially when you get a brand new enquiry. 

And the way I am going to do this is by taking an Ice Cream shop at an example🍦

When you walk up to the counter at an ice cream shop. They are not just going to stand there, look at you, go and do some other tasks such as clean the tables, do the dishes and then come back to you. They are going to serve you straight away. Why? Because if they don’t serve you right away, you are just going to walk to the next Ice cream shop and get one there instead. 

Well the same goes for your fitness business. If you get a brand new enquiry from paid advertising, or somebody goes onto your website and submits their details for more information on your services and you take a while to respond, they are just going to find the next gym/studio/fitness instructor etc. instead. 

So when you next get an enquiry through, and you think I will respond to that later or another day and you get on with other tasks instead, think about this ice cream shop example. Because whilst you’re not responding to them, your competitor could be. 

You can set up automation also, but please still try to prioritise those enquiries that come through.