Lets talk Client Reactivations & Referrals 🗣

Client Reactivations and Client Referrals can be targeted in the same way as they both have a similar outcome. The aim is to try and contact somebody who’s going to bring us more clients whether that trying to get an old client back or trying to get a client referral. 

You need to be speaking to your clients and asking them “Do you know anybody that would love to come and join us at our studio/facility/gym or whatever you’ve got going on?”

How do we get people to come back? Well lets offer an incentive 🤩

So when I said Referrals & Reactivation can be used in the same category. It’s because we can use the same incentives.

An easy example you might say to someone who you would like to reactive could be…

“Hey how’s it been going? We’d love you to come back and join us” 

“If you Join us today you get 30% or 50% off your first month with us”

Again… you can use this for a referral. 

Another example could be offering an exclusive hoodie or a T-shirt. But whatever you try, you want to try and come up with a different incentive each month. 

Why come up with a different incentive each month? Because people want different things. What might appeal to one person e.g. a FREE hoodie, may not appeal to another person e.g. 50% off their first month. Therefore, if you are changing up your incentives you are enticing more people.