Lets talk websites 🖥

Today I want to talk to you about Websites. More specifically, the simple elements you need to have on your website to ensure it works for you. 

You do not need to have loads of pages on your website, you just need to keep it nice and simple. For example: 

1️⃣The home page/intro section 

This page needs to call out to your target audience so they know this website is for them. For example, on our website it will say ‘Busy over 30 Cardiff Ladies’. It is important the headline calls out to your audience straight away. 

2️⃣The About Section 

This is where you talk about why you got started and why you help this particular audience get the results that they want to achieve. You don’t talk about your qualifications, you always talk about them. 

3️⃣The Services you have to offer

Again, the services are exactly the same as the about. You talk about the results that they’re going to get by doing these services. You don’t talk about the type of sessions they’re going to be doing. You talk about how those sessions can help them get the results that they’re going to get. 

4️⃣Success Stories 

These are broken down into 3 simple parts. The first one being the before and after images. The second ones being video reviews. And the final part being Facebook and Social reviews so they can see where these results are coming from. 

5️⃣Contact Form

This is where they can submit their contact details to receive more information about the services you have to offer.