Making FB LeadAds Work for YOU 🙌

Paid advertising is by far one of the quickest ways to grow your Fitness Business

It can get you in front of your target audience with just a few clicks

But… because it’s so easy for you to get in front of your target audience, not everyone clicking is going to be committed right away

This was the reason I was tagged in a post earlier today on how to get prospects to follow through with your FB LeadAds

Now Facebook LeadAds are a great way to generate… ‘quick, simple & easy’ leads

The reason I am putting them into a quote mark is because of the quality of a LeadAds compared to sending someone to a landing page

With LeadAds, their details are pre-populated, making it really easy for the prospect

You are also, not sending them off Facebook, which give you priority over those who send people off Facebook

Now LeadAds can work really well if you set them up to work for your offer

For example…

We have a free lead magnet that we give away using Facebook LeadAds

When they click to open the form, it simply says: where should we send your free guide?

On the TY page, we then give them a specific CTA: FINAL STEP… for instant access to the guide, plus access to additional guides such as guide 2 & guide 3. Simply click the link below & join our free group

This CTA intrigues them as they didn’t expect all this extra stuff & all they need to do to join is click the button

Now when we run these for gyms that say have a free offer/trial

The TY page is all about clicking to get access to a coupon code that they have to collect to get the free offer/trial

Or if we are doing this for a challenge/programme

The CTA on the TY is all about urgency & jumping the queue

For example…


We get 8-10 applications each day & we are limited with the number we can take on for the next programme. To ensure you secure your place, simply click the button below & tell us a little more about your goal

It’s is all about the CTA on the TY page!

Get this right, with the right tone & they will follow the next steps

It will all come down to trial & error

You got this 🙌

David 🙂