Maybe You Should Use FB Ads In A Different Way 💪

Running paid advertising, especially FB Ads, can rapidly help grow your fitness business

I know from personal experience, starting from scratch twice and only using FB Ads to get the business off the ground

The process we use is also relatively simple

Ads -> Landing Page (collecting name, email & phone number) -> Call The Leads until they buy

Easy right?

Well, no!

Not everyone likes having to do phone calls, not everyone likes to have to keep chasing prospects

The perfect example was me down in Southampton

👎 I really don’t like having to do calls

👎 I also had zero time to do calls due to managing and coaching clients

So I had 2 choices:

1️⃣ find someone to do the calls for me, which we have done for both Southampton & now Cardiff 🙌

Or option 2️⃣…

** now before I dive into option 2️⃣ be aware that doing option 1️⃣ is by far the quickest and more direct way to use FB Ads to make sales **

Option 2️⃣…

If doing phone calls really isn’t for you, then you need to look at what else FB Ads can offer to generate you these leads

So to help you out, I got you covered with 3 simple ways 🙌

1) 💬 the first 1 is running messenger Ads

Messenger ads are the closest alternative to doing phone calls, they are also quick & easy to set up on Facebook

There is one down side if your DMing game isn’t strong… with the price question popping up a lot by the prospect

So make sure you set this up, to focus on them answering questions 💪

Option 2 & 3 then move away from the quick approach to talking directly to a prospect about your offer and focusing more on the longer game approach

2) With the first being a simple email newsletter build

Simply offer a free lead magnet to your target audience to build your email list and then get sending 📧

3) For the final option being a slight bait and switch

Staying with the offer of downloading the free guide, but on the thank you page explaining that the only way to download would be to join your free group on Facebook

Now running a free group on Facebook can be massively successful if done correctly, building KLT and then making the sales


To end, doing phones calls is the quickest and easiest way to make new sales

If it’s something you really can’t do or have a fear of doing, then go hire someone to do it for you

Plus… do the 3 options of building an email list while growing a free group on Facebook to ensure you have a good bank of future leads

You got this 💪

David 🙂