My BIGGEST Sales Tip!

Right, as it’s Monday, I want to get you all fired up 💪 and reveal my number one sales tip.

That not only led to WAY more sales at FitHub30 but also saved us so much time, so much money, and literally made it feel like we could just turn the tap on a little bit more when we needed those sales.

In fact, this had to happen when we switched our front-end offer model.

For the first few years, ads were on ALL the time, and sales were being made whenever possible to get that lead started the next day or next Monday.

This was great if we were strapped for cash, but if you have read the post on why we changed in much more detail…

Changing to starting new people every 3rd Monday did wonders for our client retention at the end of a 6-week challenge.

It also gave us the chance to turn the ads off for 1 week every 3 weeks, allowing them to feel fresh to the audience and have a big influx when we turned them back on.

Anyway… back to my BIGGEST sales tip.

It may seem obvious once I tell you why it is my BIGGEST sales tip, but for years it never crossed my mind to do it, even though I had read about it, talked about it, and I was even telling our ad clients to do it.

I was just stuck in my old ways of doing my sales, the way I had been taught many years prior.

It went something like this…

✅ FB Ad
✅ Call Lead To Book In For Consultation
✅ Sell During Consultation

Easy right, the same way as most would do it.

But here was the thing…

If we got them sitting down, chances are they are buying from us.

But we also had those who didn’t show up.

Those that changed their mind and canceled.

People who, on the buyer’s journey, had moved back up stages away from the “Intent To Buy” stage.

And like I mentioned above, we did this all the time, there were no days or weeks off, we just sold all the time.

It was draining, especially for the staff who then had to do it.

My BIGGEST tip, though, has nothing to do with how often you were selling.

It is the “HOW” we were selling.

Now, when I share it with you, I don’t want any “IFs or Buts.” If you want to make more sales, just do it 👊

Okay, here goes…

My BIGGEST sales tip is to sell over the phone!

Honestly, we actually made more sales selling over the phone than we did in person.

There were no more no-shows or cancellations.

The leads came in, and we then simply called them up and sold to them 💪

Yes… there were one or two who were not going to buy over the phone, for them we invited them down to finalise the sale.

But for 95% of the rest, we provided enough value during the 20-minute phone call that we could get them to give their card details while on the phone.

Plus, by running our 6-week challenge every 3rd week, we could have a few days off from selling and chasing leads once the 6-week challenge started 😅

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David 🙂