Please… this has cost you an interview 🀯

As the lockdown SLOWLY comes to an end

We are getting things ready to re-open here at DKnine Fitness

And we have some big grand plans in the office

This means we need to take on a Sales Manager to help with chasing leads and bringing new clients on board πŸ™Œ

The advert is out and wow!!!

There has already been 19 people apply for the job

As we work our way through their CVs and application forms

Doing all the background checks, we come across ones Social Account


What we read…

Let’s say his application won’t be going any further 😬

And this just isn’t for job!!!

Before working with FitPros we often have a quick check to see what they are up to

And I can 100% guarantee, you will have had prospects check out your personal account before committing to joining your set up

So here is something to consider, and something I have done

If you have an interesting personal life or would rather completely privacy between your own life and work

Then go create a separate work account

When I first became a FitPro, there was no way I wanted β€˜Over 30s’ mum from Southampton to see him

Getting on it during my Uni Days 🀣


People judge you within seconds, even before you even spoke

So go make that decision and make sure what you show the general public is how you want to be viewed πŸ’ͺ

David πŸ™‚