Spamming or chilling in the sun? you choose…

Going organic is the latest craze in the marketing world right now

You will be seeing a tone of people trying to sell you some magic organic course

That if you follow their β€˜Blueprint’ / Magic Formula

You will be generating loads of clients without spending a single penny 😱

And to begin, it sounds like a very enticing formula right???

No ads, no funnels, just use the organic approach they have

Now the reason I am actually writing this post today is down to a new member we had in The FitPro Portal

He explained how he paid Β£5k

£5k 😬

For a programme that told him to join a LOAD of groups on Facebook

And then start commenting, posting and adding people as friends

A few weeks into doing this and nothing to show for it

He joined The FitPro Portal on the weekend

Watched the beginners Facebook Ads course

Then turned the ads on Monday morning

Went about his day, coached clients online, did a bit of house work

Finally getting around to checking his email in the afternoon

Where he had 2

Yes 2 prospects who had handed over their contact details to find out more about his programme

Mental right 🀯

He didn’t have to spam any groups, didn’t have to spend hours trying to build connections and conversation

Just got on with what he was doing and let the magic of Facebook Ads do it’s work πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ

Now, I am not saying going completely organic doesn’t work

After all, I am writing this post that your reading to build value and trust

But… You probably came across me by seeing one of our Ads

Which means you NEED to be doing both πŸ‘Š

Facebook Ads speeds up the process of putting interested people in front of you

You then provide inspiring content in front of them to generate that sale

I even told you of a way of doing it on Tuesday πŸ˜‰

David πŸ™‚