The 4 Types of Success Stories You Need

Different Ways You Can Collect Success Stories ✅

When a future prospect searches for your business, they’re going to be keeping their eye out for reviews. So it’s important that no matter where they see your Fitness Business, that there are reviews. 

Here are types of reviews you need: 

1️⃣Google Reviews 

When a prospect Googles your business to find your website, they will be looking to see if there are reviews. 

2️⃣Facebook Reviews 

If a prospect comes across you on Facebook, they are likely to click on your page and check out the reviews. 

3️⃣Video & Blog reviews 

You can have these on your social media as well as have them on your success page on your website. Video and Blog reviews are harder to obtain however much more valuable as they tell a story and proves to be a more genuine review. 

4️⃣Before and After Pictures 

These are common types of reviews that people expect to see from a Fitness Business