The Catch 22 Situation You Might Be In 🤨

If you wear the hat of coach, lead chaser & salesperson

Then you’re probably a little stuck…

After all, the main time to do sessions is roughly 6-8 pm right?

While the perfect time to chase down leads is… you guessed it

6 pm-8 pm


So if you’re the person in your business that is responsible for coaching & chasing leads, you’re definitely in a catch 22 or chicken & egg situation

The way I got out of this when I was working out of a gym in Southampton was as follows…

1️⃣ I asked around my members, to see who would be up for helping me call leads & get them booked in 💪

2️⃣ This is where I found my first real staff member, it was a client called Marie

She had achieved some amazing results & loved everything about DKnine Fitness and was more than willing to do it for me

3️⃣ She would do 1-2 hours a night, depending on the number of leads

Chasing them down & booking them in for an in-person consult with me

4️⃣ This allowed me to not have to worry about chasing down the leads & give my full attention to the clients I was coaching at that time

These days, I would have definitely installed Dorothy into the business

Dorothy is our AI booking bot by LeadDec👾

Who chases down the leads via text & WhatsApp

Qualifies the lead, then books them in 🤩

Allowing you to coach sessions, catch up on other work, or simply take a well-deserved evening off 💪

For full details on Dorothy or LeadDec, follow this link —>>

You got this 💪

David 🙂