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The Client Retention Strategy We Used At FitHub30 😎

If there was one thing, we strived for with FitHub30, it was building a strong community

We wanted their time at the studio to be their favourite hour of the day

FitHub30 was designed with my mum in mind, we wanted it to be a place that she could…

✅ not have to worry about what is going on at home

✅ time to focus on herself for a change & not everyone else

✅ feel safe & confident working out, without the fear of judgement

✅ make new friends outside of their current social circles

✅ be part of something unique that put a smile on her face when thinking about it

& we 100% got it bang on 💪

🔥 clients with no social groups, where making new friends

🔥 clients would arrive sometimes an hour before a session & stayed for sometimes over an hour after

🔥 clients felt confident sharing difficult issues with the team

But most of all, they felt safe, confident in working out & felt part of the family 🥰

One of the biggest ways we nailed this was with branded clothing 💪

Each new client, received a t-shirt with their name on it when they joined

Then each month, we would release a new design as members wanted to make sure they had the latest designs

We had leggins, shorts, hoodies, vests, a beanie & lifting gloves

You name it, clients wanted it 😆

This is where FitPro Clothing came about…

We had a member who did all of this for us, we sent him the new designs & he got it printed

A few conversations later & FitPro Clothing was formed 🤝

Where you can now set-up your own clothing store, update your store as often as you want with new designs & then sit back while we take of the rest

We will collect orders direct from your store, create the outfits & then send it out to the clients

Giving you exactly nothing to do except share the link to your store 🤩

Each order, then earns you 10% commission too, not only building your brand & community, but also an additional income, all by doing exactly NOTHING!

One thing I do need to mention is this is ONLY for UK FitPros only, Brexit, became a bit of an issue 🤷‍♂️

Learn more & set-up your FitPro Clothing store here —>>

You got this 💪

David 🙂