The Sale is in the Follow Up 🤩

People often see your adverts and your social media posts and they comment or enter their details yet still do not reply when you contact them. 

You need to be considerate of people’s lifestyles in order to understand why this happens.

For example, lets take someone who works in an office 👨‍💼 They wake up early in the morning, they commute to work, and they work in an office all day where they can’t really go on their phones. Then they get home and they’ve got family commitments or just want to sit down and relax. They are yet to find the time to respond to messages/emails/missed calls. 

That’s why the follow-up process of chasing these leads down is a REALLY important part of growing in your fitness business 📈

You can follow up by:

  • Sending texts
  • Emailing people 
  • Phoning people 

But what’s key 🔑 is that you are doing the above, at all different times of the day. For example, in the morning when people are on their way to work. In the afternoon when people are on lunch. In the evening when people are home from work. 

Each person has a different lifestyle and therefore will be free to speak on the phone at all different times of the day.

So it is important you are able and wiling to set time aside at all different times of each day to try and follow up with these people. 

David 🙂