The School Told Me Not To Come Back 😒

What’s up, guys? David here from Fitpro Lead Gen.

I wanted to share a little story with you about proving the doubters wrong.

So when I finished secondary school, I was going to move onto sixth form and unfortunately I walked in the first day of sixth form and all the teachers said to me, “Dave, you’re going to fail. There’s no point you doing sixth from, you’re going to struggle.”, “Your English is not good enough. You are not good enough, your math is not good enough. You are going to struggle”. 
Who says that to a young kid? 
So I decided, I’ll go to college and prove them wrong.

So I went to college. I just about squeezed through there and then went to university and I just about squeezed through there. But now look at me. 
I’ve got my own studio, 
I’ve got my own Marketing Agency, 
I’ve got my own software company. 
I’ve got a vast range of staff members that work for me. 
And that’s all because I believed in myself.

Okay, so if somebody doubts you, someone’s not believing in you as someone doesn’t trust you, use that as motivation to prove them wrong. Use that as the motivation you need to really move forward and grow to the level that you want to be, whether it’s having the fitness business that you want or having the holidays or having the money or having just the type of family life that you want.

Anything is possible if you believe in yourself. Ignore the doubters, remove them from your life and believe in yourself, and go for it. Speak to you all tomorrow. Cheers!