The Sunday Evening Lead Gen Method 💪

Sundays are like fire for most people

It’s like that day we all feel fired up, raring to go, ready to attack the week

We have spent the day creating new plans

Fine-tuning where things went wrong the previous weeks

& are pumped for Monday to finally arrive

Know that feeling?

Well, this is also very similar to your potential gym clients

Yes, they may be dreading Monday to have to go back to work 😆

But they are thinking of what they need to change with their diets

What workouts they could be doing

And how this week is going to be the week they stick to it…

This is where the Sunday Evening Lead Gen Method comes into play 💪

If you haven’t guessed what it is yet, then let me get right to it

One of the best things to do to fire these prospects up even more & secure yourself a super warm lead on a Sunday is…

Sending out a weekly email newsletter 📧

Here is how we lay it out 👇

Intro of what has happened in the business this last week, super short, like 1 sentence

Followed by what they are going to read further down the email

Then sign it off

Next, we move into 2 trust-building tips, they could be links to a social post or blogs, or you simply giving them tips in the email

Then we want to shout out 2 clients from the fitness business, try & vary this each week, giving shoutouts to those getting amazing results, to special mentions to other clients for specific reasons

Finally, you have a CTA at the end once you have warmed them up & got them excited

👆 should take you no more than 20 minutes to write each Sunday evening

Giving you a few leads or bookings sat in your inbox on Monday morning

And of course, you use LeadDec to do it all 👾

LeadDec also comes with a 14-day free trial, giving you literally nothing to lose

You got this 💪

David 🙂