This Email Makes Things Difficult For Me 😬

When clients message us with things like

That’s right, 13 sales in 18 days from this Incubator client


100% close rate from ads, twice in the last 4 weeks, from one of Willow’s ads management clients

Then we share it with you guys…

We get a lot of clients asking why they are not getting the same results

Or what are we doing differently for them to get these results

The answer usually is…

Nothing 🤷‍♂

So why is it some of our clients are killing it & others are not hitting the same highs?

The answer is threefold 👊

1️⃣ Ads Building

The 2 biggest factors to succeeding with Meta Ads are

1: The Offer / 2: The Creative

If the offer is too plain, not interesting, difficult to explain, or simply just rubbish

It makes creating the ad copy difficult

Likewise, the creative is by far the biggest factor when it comes to ads

Not having content that stops the scroll & makes prospects want to click is going to make it hard for your ads to succeed

2️⃣ Hunting & Selling

Clients who are killing it right now are ruthless at this one

And this part will make or break how your ads succeed

2 phone calls a day, for 5 days will help you to speak to more prospects

Phoning all leads, ASAP, from literally 7:30 am to 9 pm will get you speaking to more prospects

Finally, one in this section is actually being deadly serious about making a sale

Once you get that prospect on the phone, ensure you have a sales script & that you DO NOT take no for an answer 👊

3️⃣ Be Willing To Change

If you are in an area where everyone else does exactly the same

Then you need to stand out

Be ready to change the offer, your hook, your style

Use a marketing calendar to keep your offer fresh

Change up the offer during the year

Charge more so you don’t need to make as many sales

At the end of the day, excuses don’t count, be ruthless, be dedicated & never stop hunting

You got this 💪

David 🙂