This May Be Goodbye For A While 👋 Unless…

Today marks the end of just 7th week remaining in 2023 😅

& I have received my notice 😬

That’s right, if you have been receiving the FitPro Lead Gen emails over the last 2 weeks

You might have started to notice that I sound a little different 😆

Yep, I am no longer writing the emails for FitPro Lead Gen

I have received my notice 🤣

Rachel, the head of Marketing, has now taken over writing them. We decided on Friday that she will sign off any emails she writes herself 💪

As you may have also noticed, there are no more spelling mistakes or instances of me, just rambling about what’s on my mind right now

But it isn’t goodbye… I will still be doing the Sunday evening email to check in with everyone

Plus 😎 if you still want to hear from me and receive my daily emails, starting tomorrow, I’ll begin sending emails from a brand-new list

You can join in here –>>

On Friday, we also put together a 6-week plan for the rest of the year, listing all the tasks we need to finish to transition into 2024, aiming to expand FitPro Lead Gen further 🙌

✅ We have our first FitPro Lead Gen client-only Summit in January, then happening every Quarter

✅ Client monthly reports took a massive step forward in the last few weeks, with full-on reports, presentations & marketing plans delivered to clients

✅ We are fine-tuning The FitPro Portal to make it even better & more structured, plus converting it into a mobile app, to allow you to have lead-gen content ready to go in your pocket

✅ Onboarding new Ads Management clients is also taking a huge step forward in 2024, with a full-on 90 day sales & business development course being introduced to all clients

✅ The website is also getting a big refresh to align with our new branding guidelines

In fact, we have a list of 24 tasks we need to get finished by the end of the year 🤩

This is why getting the right team in place is so, so important

This is what we have been covering inside the FitPro Incubator these last few weeks

I will be sharing a little more on this on my social & new email list 📧 this coming week

Finally, we are down to the final 2 tickets for Glasgow on the 23rd of November, it’s FREE to join us 🙂

Did you also notice that Everton won 😉 no silly losing streak & this season we will have no worries of relegation?

Let’s crush these final few weeks of 2023

You got this 💪

David 🙂

Ps… if you still want a daily email from me, be sure to join here –>>