Three things you need to consider when doing your Ad Set

What is an Ad Set?

In Facebook Ads you have:

  • Campaign, this is the type of Campaign you are going to run. For example; traffic, conversion, lead ads etc.
  • Ad Set, this is the audience you are going to select including age, location etc.
  • Ad, this is the ad itself including the image & the text.

The three things you need to consider for Ad Sets are:

  1. Age range
    Take the average age of your clients. For examples, we always go for a 20 years split, so our over 30s gym we would put the age range as 30-50 (nice and simple). Do not waste your money on age ranges that aren’t going to be interested in your fitness business.
  2. Radius
    How far people are able and willing to travel in order to get to you? Take into consideration motorways, A/B roads etc.
  3. Placement
    Know where to post your ads to. We usually start with automatic placement, this lets facebook post all your post to all kinds of different places, then after couple of days you go in check are working the best. Then that’s how we decide where we going to post your ads to. When we are seeing a lot of success coming from video, and views on instagram, facebook news feeds on mobile, facebook news feeds on desktop then maybe that’s where we will post most of your facebook ads.