We All Need More Than 1 Main Entry In Our Fitness Business

When I first got started with DKnine, I used to go with pay per session

Then when I moved to Southampton, I switched to a 12 week programme following advice from a mentorship programme

While also doing the 12 weeks, we also did what we called a Free Body Transformation Session

Now, currently in Cardiff, our main offer is 6 weeks challenge

The one thing I always did notice was that the programme we run just didn’t work for everyone

The 6 week challenge for some is just a quick fix, while the 12 weeks was too long for others

& this is a great reason why you need a few different entries into your fitness business

After all, the main reason of having an entry offer is to funnel these people into our main long term programmes

If you are putting restrictions, barriers, hurdles in the way of getting people through the door, in the form of the offer, then you are in a way slowing your progress down

So what can you do?

Remember the quote… Offer what they want, give what they need

Create 3 main entry offers into your fitness business, then offer the one that best matches their goals

Your focus as always is to convert them into a long term member, so getting the entry offer right is key!

To finish, what offer have you found that work best for you?