We Did The Lead Gen for £5k ONLINE Launch 🙌

When it comes to Ad Management clients, we are very selective if you are an online FitPro

If you’re offline, we ask just a few questions to qualify you for the service

But if your an ONLINE FitPro, we are super cautious


Because being an ONLINE FitPro is very different to offline

For 2 simple reasons…

1. KLT (Know, Like, Trust)

2. The sales process

You see, when you’re doing offline sales

It’s your sale to lose, as all you have to do is

Chase the lead down, get them booked in at your studio and then sell

While online is a completely different kettle of fish

If you target the whole country, and a prospect shows interest, who is on the other side of the country

Then it’s going to take time to build KLT

While when they come into your studio, it’s easy to show them what they get and you just hand them the card machine to pay

Online is different, you need to built enough trust to send them the payment link

You need to have a sales flow that works for you and you’re confident in using

Which is one of the many questions we ask when an Online FitPro asks about our Facebook Ads Management programme

So here is a few of the things you should consider from the success we had with this client…

1️⃣ Decide on who you want to work with

2️⃣ Decide on what your offer is going to be and why the client would benefit from it

3️⃣ Decide on the lead gen and sale flow you want to use

4️⃣ Know your offer inside and out when it comes to presenting the offer

5️⃣ Look & perform as professional as possible

Remember, if you’re an online FitPro, you are competing with Joe Wicks and some big, big players

Get those 5 things I have just mentioned above wrong, And you will be struggling to generate leads and sales

You got this 💪

David 🙂