We Shouldn’t Work Together 😬 Here Is Why 👇

But first, it’s scary to remember back when I had no idea where the next lead would come from or even how to generate them

It’s even crazier to think that no matter who applied, I would try my very best to sign them up as a client

Time has certainly passed, and I have hopefully become a little wiser

But I definitely have become a little more specific in what we do to find & sign clients up

To the point of, before writing this post

I had a sales call & told the person on the Zoom call that what we offer isn’t for them

Yep, you read that right… I turned a potential client away

So if you are reading this & have been thinking about working with us, then have a quick read of who I think does things better than us:

🍔 First up, we do NOT help or support clients with anything to do with nutrition. If you need nutrition content, courses, or anything food-related for your fitness business, then have a chat with either Shane J Nugent MSc or Naomi Carson

💻 Run an online fitness business & need to grow it fast, then we do NOT help with this either. For this, you should 100% be talking to Ash Burleigh who can take you from Zero to HERO

🧭 Struggle to keep clients on the front end & don’t have a fully built course or product yet that meets the mark, then Barrie Mark Scougal has something for you on this

🎨 After a logo, social media & Canva designs, then it’s probably best you speak with Oliver David or Chris McCluckie

📝 Need to improve your sales copy or be able to write words that make people buy, then Al Clunnie would be your guy

💰 Struggle with finances, have no idea on how to budget, calculate VAT or just unsure when it comes to finances, then I would speak to Debbie Hancock

📈 If you already have a gym, studio or facility & are ready to learn the systems & processes to turn one into 2, 3 or 4, then you should be speaking with Justin Devonshire or Nicky Sehgal

⛑️ Insurance can be a nightmare & I would never want to be the person that you come to for that. That’s why I would recommend Carl Fanning

🏋️‍♀️ Need to kit out your gym or replace a load of kit ready for the new year, then Rob Nicholson from UKSupreme would be the best guy to speak to

🖥️ Still don’t have a virtual location that makes it super easy for prospects to find you & register their details? Then you need to speak with Dan Salcumbe or Pritam Bhadra about getting a website sorted

🧾Finally & this is a big one… if you suck at selling, then you need to shape up FAST! Speak to Neil Godly & get good at selling, your business literally relies on it 👊

So, what do we actually do 😆

We keep your inbox filled each day with warm leads ready for you to chase down & sell to with our “Done for You” Ads Management & Coaching programmes

For this, you should speak with Ella Barnett 🤓

There you go… if you’re not looking for lead gen right now, then it’s probably best to speak with whoever fits your needs from the list above

You got this 💪

David 🙂