What a day 😅

In both DKnine and FitPro Lead Gen, we have 1 AIM!

Help those that need our help to achieve their dreams 💪

And today has 100% been one of those days…

Today we had Morgan join the FitPro Team as the latest Digital Marketing Executive

We also had Shannon join DKnine as the Sales & Client Care Manager

Both joining to help us move the businesses forward

✅ Shannon to help us help more over 30’s not only in Cardiff, but also Newport & Caerphilly by the end of 2021

✅ Morgan to help us help 100 FitPro generate a consistent flow of leads from our Facebook Ads Management service by end of 2021

Which meant 2 more staff handbooks to be altered an updated for their specific job roles

And 2 onboarding sessions to get them ready to hit the ground running on Monday

Plus to make it even more eventful…

We had a First Aid at Work course today, to ensure continuous personal and professional development targets are being hit 🙌


Feet up to celebrate getting the all clear to ✈️

See you all tomorrow in 🇦🇿

You got this 💪

David 🙂